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MULCH MULE - MULCH MULE is an Innovative machine that does the job of many!
With innovative features like our Live Floor System, Curb-side Discharge and powerful Honda Engine, one versatile piece of equipment can do it all… and better.
Leaf Vac – the powerful vacuum, auto tarping system, and fast discharge add unparalleled efficiency.
Mulching – wheelbarrow loads in 3-6 seconds unassisted provides speed and finesse beating out dusty, plant-damaging mulch blowers.
Trailer – the forward and reverse Live Floor action provides easy loading and unloading of any skidded materials. It also handles nearly any bulk material with rapid discharge and unbelievable precision.
Ventrac Aera-vator - The aera-vator stirs and loosens the soil beneath the sod without destroying the turf. Call our office for pricing and availability.

Ecolawn Applicator - Ecolawn Applicator is a multi-purpose, motorized applicator built for turf care professionals. The Ecolawn can spread many types of soil mixes with ease, including top soil, compost, organic fertilizers, lime and sand.
A.D.S. Plastic Culvert Pipe - We carry an assortment of A.D.S. Plastic Culvert Pipe. We have in stock 20 foot lengths of 8", 12", 15", 18" and 24" diameter pipe. We also stock 4" perforated pipe in a 250' roll. Other sizes of culvert pipe and other parts (collars, infiltrators, catch basins, etc.) are available to be ordered, they can usually be available to you in one to two days.

Slice Seeder - Our Slice Seeder is used for reseeding lawns that are either damaged or dead. Slicing knives cut through the soil, seed tubes then feed seeds into the soil and finally the rollers close the soil over the seed. Our Slice Seeder is available to rent at a daily rate. Call our office for pricing and availability!
Aerator - Our Aerator is used for lawns that either need a boost or to strengthen the lawn at the end of the growing season. The aerator works by punching deep holes into your lawn in order to create space for air, fertilizer and water to get deep into the roots of the grass. Our Aerator is available to rent at a daily rate. Call our office for pricing and availability!

Landscape Fabric - We stock rolls of Landscape Fabric/Filter Cloth. The roll is 360' long, and 3' wide. This is used for a weed barrier when starting to plant an area, and also for a barrier around underground pipes, wires etc. Pricing information is available in our office.

Chopped Straw - Our Chopped Straw is from a locally owned farm in Connecticut. The straw is chopped to small lengths, making it very easy to spread, and to help direct more water to your underlying seeds. It is mainly used as a cover for newly planted grass seed. Our Chopped Straw is sold in 3.5 cubic foot bags, and is available by the pallet as well, 35 bags to a pallet, or by the truckload, 22 pallets on a truck. Pricing is available in our office.
Wood Pellets - Our Wood Pellets are currently LG brand softwood pellets from Canada. We stock them to help with your winter heating needs. They are priced by the pallet, our pricing may vary per truckload, and may vary in type. Pricing and other information is available in our office.
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